[Ontario Mining] Digging into mining investment growth – by Kenneth Green and Ashley Stedman (Troy Media – February 22, 2018)


Kenneth Green and Ashley Stedman are the co-authors of the Fraser Institute’s 2017 Survey of Mining Companies.

Ontario has received some good news from mining investors. Those investors now see the province as one of the top 10 most attractive regions for mining investment worldwide, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual survey of mining companies.

Every year, the institute surveys miners around the world to determine which jurisdictions are attractive – or unattractive – for investment, based on policies and geology. The survey spotlights policies (taxes, duplicative regulations, availability of labour and skills, etc.) that govern the mining industry and impact the investment attractiveness of jurisdictions.

This year, Ontario sits seventh in the world rankings, up from 18th last year. What’s behind Ontario’s rise? Less uncertainty around disputed land claims and protected areas.

In August 2017, the first month of data collection for this year’s survey, the Ontario government announced that construction of a series of all-weather roads linking northern communities with the province’s highway system will begin in 2019.

The roads will also link to a mine site proposed by Noront Resources Ltd. to develop nickel, copper and platinum deposits in the area. Moreover, after years of delay and negotiations with First Nations, the Ontario government recently took a strong position on developing the Ring of Fire, a planned chromite mining and smelting project in the James Bay Lowlands.

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