[Northern Superior Resources] A tale of two exploration projects – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – February 21, 2018)


President, CEO and director of Northern Superior Resources gives overview of challenges of exploration on Ontario and Quebec properties

If there’s one piece of advice Tom Morris can give to mineral exploration companies, it’s let nature tell the story.

After more than 35 years in prospecting, exploration and mining, the president of Northern Superior Resources brought a message to the Sudbury Prospectors and Developers Association. Pay close attention to the findings, even if they aren’t what they are looking for, to determine what kind of resources are really in the ground.

Morris spoke on Jan. 20 about what he learned from two properties: TPK in the Far North, near the Ring Fire, and Croteau Est in Quebec. Very different locations, infrastructure needs, and histories. Both are showing great promise as potential gold mines.

“Our techniques are unique,” he said. “As quaternary geologist, I’m the guy that deals with the overburden, or dirt. We explore from that level down to the rock. With dirt being a product of the weathering of rock, I study the properties and how it ties into rock in the area that has the potential for mineralization.”

In a general description, he said what they do is take overburden samples and look for signatures and samples of everything, from minerals to precious metals to base metals. The goal is to track the source of where those indicators are, whether they be geochemical, or a heavy mineral source.

He said the country is fortunate to have generated some very detailed surveys and information to build databases.

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