The $250m ghost town: How a once-booming Canadian mining settlement that was born out of the space race but abandoned after just 18 months could take off again… 35 years later – by By Tariq Tahir (Daily Mail – January 27, 2018)

With its rows of neat modern houses, at first glance, Kitsault looks every inch a desirable modern place to live. Beneath that facade, though, is the sad story of a settlement that is now a ghost town, abandoned less 18 months after it was opened.

The town was conceived by mining company Amax Canada to attract workers to the remote north of British Columbia, near the border with Alaska, to mine molybdenum.

The metal is known for its hardness and corrosion resistance and its so hard it was commonly used in the nose cones of rockets in the arms race.

Some 100 single-family homes and duplexes, seven apartment buildings with a total of 202 suites built to accommodate workers in the town, 1400 km north of Vancouver. There is a modern hospital, shopping centre, restaurants, banks, a theatre and a post office.

All the services were underground, including cablevision and phone lines. The town also had a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant and the cleanest running water in the province.

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