CEO paints green picture of mining industry’s future – Profile: Bryan Cox, CEO, Mining Association of BC – by Patrick Blennerhassett (Business Vancouver – January 16, 2018)

Bryan Cox seems to have a knack for arriving on the job just in time for a crisis. On his first day at work in public affairs with Molson Brewery in Edmonton, he was dealing with the fallout of the company’s decision, following a strike, to shut down its landmark brewery in that city, which had been in operation for nearly a century.

“That was actually Day 1,” Cox said. “The brewery went on strike and I was in charge of managing the public relations around the closure. It was basically getting thrown in the deep end pretty quickly.”

And in 2014, just three months into a new position as vice-president of public affairs for the Mining Association of BC (MABC), the industry in B.C. suffered collateral damage from the Mount Polley mine disaster.

In both cases, out of crisis came solutions – solutions that required working collaboratively, often with competing interests. In the case of the Molson Brewery closure, Cox worked with developers, the city and community groups to redevelop the old brewery site while maintaining some heritage elements.

It was a crossroads for Cox, 42, now CEO of the MABC. “It was at that point that I really sort of recognized my strengths around collaboration and finding shared values and bringing people around a table to get to a solution – and people from oftentimes very different positions,” he said.

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