DOJ Prosecutors Looking into Controversial Obama-era Uranium One Deal – by Jasper Fakkert (Epoch Times – December 21, 2017)

Department of Justice prosecutors have requested information from FBI agents about an investigation they conducted into the so-called Uranium One deal, NBC News reported on Thursday.

The DOJ prosecutors are currently establishing whether a special council is warranted to look into the controversial deal that gave Russia control over Canadian mining company Uranium One, which at the time controlled 20 percent of uranium supply in the United States licensed for mining.

By giving Russia control over a significant amount of American uranium supplies, it created a potential national security risk. Despite the assurances of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRM) to Congress that the uranium mined by Uranium One would not leave the United States, Uranium has left the country.

NRM memos reviewed by The Hill show that Uranium transfers were approved by the Obama administration to Canada as well as Europe. From either country it could have made its way to other countries, potentially including adversaries of the United States in pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has called on the DOJ to appoint a special council to look into the agreement.

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