Opposition organizes against Sault’s ferrochrome smelter proposal – by David Helwig (Soo Today – November 29, 2017)


Mayor Provenzano has offended some people with his recent description of the Sault’s ferrochrome smelter bid as a “home run.” When the mayor told last week’s City Council meeting: “I think that they are going to hit a home run on the document that we submit,” it seems he single-handedly inspired a grassroots movement opposing the Ring of Fire-related project.

Seventeen citizens attended a meeting last night at Centennial Library advertised under the title ‘Concerned About A Potential Ferrochrome Smelter In SSM?’

The group, which so far has no formal leaders or name, is planning to oppose any ferrochrome processing facility in Sault Ste. Marie. Last night’s meeting was called as a direct response to Mayor Provenzano’s home run assertion.

“I was incredibly offended at the home run statement,” said Helen Scott, one of the organizers. “I felt like I was being spoken to from an ivory tower and I don’t appreciate that,” Scott said.

“This is not a home run. There are people in the community that do not agree that this is the direction that we need to go,” added Kara Flannigan, another organizer who ran for the Green Party in this year’s provincial byelection in Sault Ste. Marie.

“A home run… it’s out of the park,” said Jeff Hinich, who drove in from Searchmont for the meeting. “It’s not in play. It’s gone. One team wins and one team loses,” Hinich said.

A local grassroots group is talking about using the story of Erin Brockovich to persuade Saultites there are better ways to build our economy than a ferrochrome smelter

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