Mad About Madagascar’s Mining Potential – by Christopher Ecclestone ( – October 18, 2017)

With the eclipse of Tanzania as a mining destination the hunt is on for amenable jurisdictions in East Africa. In recent years the rising stars have been Mozambique and to a lesser extent, Madagascar.

The last month saw the full court press of the great and good of Madagascar descend upon London for a day of interaction with London investors in the energy and mining sectors. We attended in the company of NextSource Materials Inc. (TSX: NEXT | OTCQB: NSRC) (formerly Energizer Resources) which has a graphite project and a vanadium deposit in the country.

The event had a certain element of cloak and dagger to it with the location of an event only being released a few days before the event to the hundreds of people attending, somewhat like a house-rave in the 1980s.

However in light of the lively politics this century we can see why organisers did not want the event disturbed by the appearance of a rent-a-crowd. As it turned out the event was in the august premises of the Skinners Company (a City Guild).

The early part of this century was politically colourful in Madagascar after a long period of relative quietude. President Ravalomanana came to power in April 2002 after a hotly contested election. Things were relatively quiet until the end of 2008.

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