Western Mining solves nickel mystery in Nigeria – by Paul Garvey (The Australian – September 8, 2017)


A year after revealing a Nigerian nickel discovery that looked too good to be true, former Western Mining Co chief Hugh Morgan believes his team has cracked the technical challenges presented by the mystery mineralisation.

Mr Morgan’s private company Comet Minerals has discovered what looks to be a vast and unique nickel deposit comprising an abundance of balls of almost pure nickel.

When he first unveiled the discovery at last year’s Africa Down Under conference, Mr Morgan was hopeful that separating the balls from the surrounding soil would be a relatively simple process.

But major variations in both the size and density of the nickel balls meant Comet has struggled to assay the system and understand the nature and scale of the deposit.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Africa Down Under conference this week, however, Mr Morgan said his team had in recent weeks finally established an accurate method of assaying the content of material. It means he is confident of establishing a maiden resource base for the deposit — dubbed Titan — as well as finalising plans for a processing plant at the project.

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