The return of Big Nick: Sudbury superhero’s second issue to launch at Graphic-Con (CBC News Sudbury – April 12, 2017)

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A superhero that started out as a “thank you” to the city of Sudbury has turned into Expired Comics’ most requested character. Big Nick 2 is set to launch this June at Sudbury’s Graphic-Con, and the hero’s co-creators are surprised at how much attention he’s received.

“At this point, Big Nick has gone on to sell across Canada and the U.S,” said Kevin Montpellier, co-owner of Expire Comics. “He resonates with a lot of people. There’s a liking for the character that even we didn’t anticipate.” “It’s not huge numbers, but we never expected to see a Sudbury character in an international market,” Montpellier said.

Montpellier said Big Nick was created for Graphic-Con in 2015, but wasn’t expecting fans to want more. “We thought ‘how about we create something special for the event?,’ Montpellier said. “[Co-creator] Martin Deschatelets took the lead and created Big Nick. The following year we created a comic book that represents Sudbury, has Sudbury humour.”

“We never thought Big Nick would be our flagship character. We thought it was a thank you, never did we think it would be the main franchise our business actually offers.”

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