From housing to health, Trudeau’s rhetoric on First Nations out of step with reality, critics say – by David Akin (National Post – November 23, 2016)

OTTAWA — Under fire from his political opponents for not doing enough for the welfare of aboriginal children, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was indignant in reply.

“The fact of the matter is that no government has done more to repair the relationship with indigenous Canadians than this one, with $8.4 billion over the next five years in building infrastructure, supporting young people, and supporting indigenous communities,” Trudeau told the House of Commons Tuesday.

And yet, a growing number of indigenous leaders are coming to the conclusion that such lofty rhetoric is sounding increasingly hollow, that it does not match the record of the Trudeau government’s first year in office.

“Absolutely,” said Kevin Hart, the Manitoba regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations. “(Indigenous) leadership across this country are coming to terms with that. There was a lot of great talk in the last year.”

It is not just indigenous leaders. In October, the Manitoba legislature unanimously passed a resolution “condemn(ing) the federal government’s inaction in equitably funding social services for First Nations people.”

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