Eco radicals scoff at the law—and the law surrenders – by Peter Foster (Financial Post – October 17, 2016)

Last week’s valve tampering on major Canadian pipelines to the U.S. represents a dangerous escalation of the war against the oilsands, and against fossil-fuelled Western society in general. It also provides a critical test of the rule of law.

Activists belonging to something called Climate Direct Action attempted to shut down five oil pipelines designed to carry 2.7 million barrels a day. They claimed to be acting in support of other protestors who had succeeded in holding up construction of a new pipeline near “sacred” lands of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

The five pipelines belong to the companies at the eye of the political storm over new infrastructure in Canada — Enbridge, TransCanada and Kinder Morgan — along with Spectra Energy, which recently merged with Enbridge.

Newspaper reports claimed that Climate Action Direct is a “small upstart group.” Spokesman Jay O’Hara declared “We are literally just a group of friends working together.” This is hogwash. The group is very much part of the big U.S. foundation-funded Tar Sands Campaign, which has its ultimate roots in the United Nations’ climate agenda, with its aspirations to control all human activity.

Climate Action Direct isn’t just a bunch of buddies with bolt cutters. It has close links to Greenpeace and Indeed, this action has all the hallmarks of a typical Greenpeace stunt, with press releases ready and film crews on hand.

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