Nazi ‘gold train’ spurs another treasure hunt in Poland (Agence France-Presse – August 12, 2016)

Treasure hunters on Friday launched their search for a lost Nazi gold train allegedly loaded with loot and buried in southwestern Poland, despite there being no scientific evidence it exists.

“The train isn’t a needle in a haystack. If it’s there, we’ll find it,” project spokesman Andrzej Gaik told AFP. The story sparked global media frenzy last August when two men claimed to have discovered an armoured Nazi-era train using ground-penetrating radar near the city of Walbrzych.

At the time, Piotr Koper of Poland and German national Andreas Richter said they had discovered several train carriages measuring 320 feet buried 26 to 28 feet underground.

They said they believed the contents were mostly weapon prototypes, though local legend spoke of artwork, jewels and gold stolen by the Nazis.

The Nazis made prisoners of war dig a network of tunnels in the area, and some locals have claimed the Germans tried to spirit the gold away as Russia’s Red Army closed in.

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