Mood upbeat at Diggers & Dealers – by Cole Latimer (Australian Mining – August 3, 2016)

Gold has been the rock star of this year’s Diggers & Dealers, Evolution Mining’s Jake Klein has said, but nickel and lithium are the surprise winners of 2016.

It’s little wonder the metal has been in focus this year, after defying all market trends and predictions from the start of this year – which forecast a thoroughly bearish market – to be one of the better performing metals.

Lithium has also been on the lips of attendees, as its prominence rises thanks to increasing demand from electric vehicle, with lithium explorers (as well as gold miners) numbering highly amongst attendees. Nickel and zinc have also been gaining traction at the event.

Independence Group CEO Peter Bradford expects nickel to soon reach a supply deficit, pointing to two major catalysts to drive this new paradigm, continuing Philippine mine closures and increased electric vehicle battery demand.

In terms of zinc, the metal has experienced a complete turnaround, increasing 41 per cent this year, providing the best return for investors after silver.

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