Is This The Hottest Acreage In The Lithium Rush? – by James Burgess (Oil – April 27, 2016)

As our lithium-dependent energy revolution unfolds, prices soar and supply remains euphorically tight, a savvy newcomer is the first to cast a much wider exploration net over America’s ground-zero lithium state of Nevada, hedging smart geological bets that there’s lithium beyond Clayton Valley.

The lithium space is becoming a frantic game of who can get their hands on the choicest new mining acreage and who can launch new production fastest. And in North America, it’s all going down in the state of Nevada, which is the staging ground for a U.S. lithium boom that will feed the manufacturing beasts for everything from EVs, battery gigafactories, powerwalls and energy storage solutions to the long and growing list of consumer electronics that we use every day.

Lithium demand just for electric vehicles is set to rise by 70,000 tons every time EV market share jumps only 1 percent. And this fails to account for the brilliant launch of Tesla’s Model 3 EV on 31 March, which saw 325,000 advance sales worth $14 million in only one week, definitively bringing the electric car into our mainstream.

Considering only the EV market—and ignoring the already steadily rising demand for lithium for consumer electronics and the need for massive power storage solutions—the lithium market could triple by 2025.

All of this has made a previously dusty and unattractive area of Nevada—Clayton Valley—one of the most important and significant places in America. But while everyone’s narrowly focused their attention on Clayton Valley, Nevada’s geothermal footprint tells a story of much greater potential.

This is where Nevada Energy Metals (TSX-V:BFF) could become a great play for the savvy lithium investor. The company has a unique strategy that focuses not only what’s in the obvious Clayton Valley, but what’s “hiding in plain” site elsewhere in Nevada.

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