Trudeau still has eyes on the Ring of Fire – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – April 8, 2016)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hinted that federal support in some form could be announced soon related to the stalled Ring of Fire mineral project.

Trudeau dropped that tidbit of information during a March 7 visit to Sudbury to announce long-awaited federal funds for Maley Drive, a critical arterial road infrastructure project that’s been 30 years in the making.

When asked by a reporter if an access road could be built into the remote mineral belt by this summer, Trudeau responded: “We know that the Ring of Fire means good jobs, means continuing development of the North in ways that hopefully will build the kind of sustained partnerships with Indigenous communities that have been too long absent from the economic growth landscape.”

After consulting with provincial and First Nation leaders on their infrastructure priorities, Trudeau said he hoped to have more to say on the Ring in “the coming months.”

In the March 22 budget, the government earmarked $8.4 billion in planned spending to improve First Nations’ education, on-reserve water quality, social and healthcare infrastructure across Canada over the next five years, but nothing was set aside to match Ontario’s $1-billion pledge for mining-related infrastructure in the James Bay lowlands.

David Achneepineskum, CEO of the Matawa First Nations, a tribal council of communities closest to the remote mineral deposit, was disappointed that nothing was mentioned in the budget documents about mining infrastructure.

But it’s sunny ways for Sudbury as the project the city has tried to finance for three decades will become a reality.

“I am pleased to announce that the Government of Canada will invest $26.7 million in the Sudbury Maley Drive extension project,” Trudeau told a crowded atrium at Tom Davies Square. “My government is proud to invest in Sudbury, and the people who call it home.”

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2 Responses to Trudeau still has eyes on the Ring of Fire – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – April 8, 2016)

  1. Patrick (Pat) Reid April 8, 2016 at 5:34 pm #

    A lot of Canadian investors including myself have been waiting for positive news for the Ring of Fire. I have been avidly invested since 2007 and believed that both the provincial and federal governments would jointly realize that the Ring of Fire can have a huge economic impact on not only Ontario, but the entire nation.

    It is an national embarrassment that so many natives who reside in northern Ontario have literally no drinking water, let alone infrastructure that Canadians take for granted. This could turn Ontario around and training, jobs and great income will be a huge bossy for northern natives who have been long left out of the Canadian economy.

  2. Marv Steier April 11, 2016 at 3:32 pm #

    Patrick I agree. I have been an Investor in a mineral project in the Ring of Fire for much longer than that. I recently learned that the Company has been attempting to set up a meeting with one of the Bands in the Ring of Fire so they might get approval on a drilling program. They require permission from Provincial and Local (the Band) environmental assessment authorities to drill. The meetings apparently keep getting delayed (for more than two years now). Why? I am advised that the Chief and the Councillors can’t agree on anything. There is much infighting going on apparently and consequently nothing gets done.

    I agree that it is a national embarrassment that so many First Nations people are suffering all across Canada. It is my opinion that in large part this is due to the dysfunctional nature of First Nations Leaders. Or those who are suppose to be Leaders.

    I fully believe that the Provincial and Federal Politicians along with CEOs know this. Yet nothing gets done to resolve it.