[Canada] Another world class diamond discovery? – by Marc Davis (BNW News/Mineweb.com – March 28, 2016)


There have been no significant discoveries for a while.

Finding a multi-billion dollar diamond discovery is something that geologist Buddy Doyle dreams of every day. For well over a decade, it’s been his obsession.

But it would be foolish to dismiss him as a self-deluded wishful thinker. History bears testament to him being quite the opposite. Which is because he’s done it all before, unearthing a rich diamond deposit — that became the Diavik mine — in Canada’s far north, while still a relatively youthful up-and-comer. This is when he was exploration manager for Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc. — a subsidiary of the world’s biggest mining company, Rio Tinto plc.

Within weeks, we’ll know if Doyle can do it again. And he likes his odds, even though they’re still a long shot at best. Now in his 50s, he’s far shrewder and scientifically savvier than the first time around, he points out. He also has the benefit of vastly improved diamond-hunting technology, as well as the collaboration of one of the world’s top diamond-hunting gurus, Dr. Chris Jennings.

Even though his last claim to fame was a generation ago, Doyle hasn’t exactly been idle since. In fact, his latest shot at glory has been over a decade in the making. During this time, his dogged pursuit of a new diamond discovery has seen him traverse much of the frigid vastness of the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Though he’s drilled without success elsewhere in recent years, he’s learned invaluable lessons each time. Now we’re about to see if he’s amassed enough geological savoir faire to pull off a masterstroke in the sunset of his 30-year-plus career.

A modest man by nature, Doyle’s confidence doesn’t seem to be over-inflated. After all, he has the support and encouragement of some important players in the diamond exploration business. They include world-famous diamond hunter, Dr. Jennings, who helped select the best drill targets on Arctic Star’s property, which is called Redemption.

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