How A Greek Silver Mine Discovery Is Rewriting History – by Sarah Benali (Kitco News – February 15, 2016)

(Kitco News) – Archeologists in Greece have found a silver mine that may rewrite mining history during the Aegean times. It sounds like a plot line for a new Indiana Jones film, but it’s real.

“Mining archaeologists who were conducting a subterranean investigation of a silver mine discovered in Thorikos, Greece, have found a mining complex with infrastructure unlike any seen from this time period (around 3200 BCE),” said New Historian post Sunday.

The website, which compiles the latest news about history, noted that unlike any mining system in the area, the discovered mine is said to have open spaces that have been untouched for over 5,000 years. According to the post, other items discovered by the archeologists also prove that the mine was operational as far back as 3200 BCE.

What is really boggling the scientists’ minds is how ancient miners were able to extract the metals and minerals from the mines without today’s technology.

“Extracting the silver would have required an exceptional amount of resources and an advanced technical system of a scale unique in the ancient world,” the post said.

“Mapping the system of mining shafts has proven extremely difficult even for experienced archaeologists, who are required to wear high-tech equipment through the cramped and intertwining network of shafts in stifling conditions and temperatures up to 70° Fahrenheit.”

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