Clive Palmer makes demands before July restart for Queensland Nickel refinery – by Cameron Atfield (Sydney Morning Herald – March 14, 2016)

Clive Palmer’s Townsville nickel refinery looks set to close for four months, and might never reopen if the mining magnate’s own conditions are not met.

Mr Palmer, the Federal Member for Fairfax, has detailed five demands he said must be met in order to save his embattled Queensland Nickel refinery.

Queensland Nickel Sales, a company set up last week to run the Yabulu refinery, wrote to the Queensland government to outline its five requirements for operations at the refinery to recommence from July.

Mr Palmer said the requirements were:

  • That QNS obtain the relevant government approvals.
  • The administrators return assets, including cash.
  • That the QNS financier be able to be convinced “attacks on refinery management” would cease and that the Queensland government was “supportive of refinery operations continuing”.
  • That the personnel required to run the refinery were identified and their willingness to return to work ascertained.
  • That a training plan be developed so personnel meet relevant workplace health and safety and environmental compliance requirements.

“I think it’s important to make sure that the Queensland government wants to see manufacturing in this state,” Mr Palmer said.

On the day QNS was set up last week, Mr Palmer sent a tweet, featuring a gnome with an upright middle finger, to Mr Pitt.

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