APTN Reporter Michael Hutchinson Interviews Bill Gallagher on Resources and First Nations (APTN News – March 1, 2016)


Are indigenous nations the true rulers of Canada’s resources? The author of Resource Rulers, Bill Gallagher, thinks so.

In his book, he outlines a series of legal wins by indigenous peoples across the country within Canada’s courts that, he says, effectively makes them the true rulers of the riches within Canada’s lands.

Some say Mr. Gallagher is overly optimistic. Others wonder, is he warning Canadians that the indigenous are coming?

Click here for the interview: http://aptn.ca/news/2016/03/01/are-indigenous-nations-the-true-rulers-of-canadas-resources/

You can learn more about Resource Rulers here: http://billgallagher.ca/resource-rulers-book/

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