Resolute Forest’s day in court promises to expose global anti-development agenda -by Peter Foster (National Post – January 6, 2016)

Now the Quebec government is calling for the Forest Council to back down

Slowly but surely, multinational environmental enforcer Greenpeace is being dragged kicking and screaming to court to answer for its job-destroying misinformation campaigns in the name of “protecting” Canadian forests, which are among the best regulated in the world.

The company doing the dragging is Montreal-based Resolute Forest Products, which has distinguished itself for being prepared to stand up to Greenpeace’s brand of shakedown.

The case is immediately rooted in the rancid 2010 Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, under which a cabal of radical environmental non-governmental organizations, ENGOs, — including Greenpeace, ForestEthics and the David Suzuki Foundation — agreed to stop their campaigns of customer harassment in return for the members of the Forest Products Association of Canada, FPAC, agreeing to sanitize a swathe of the Canadian Boreal forest, and to “consult” on development plans. Astonishingly, governments played no part.

An unpublished internal audit of the CBFA revealed very little cooperation, and towards the end of the agreement’s three years, Greenpeace broke away and started accusing CBFA “partner” Resolute of illegal logging.

When Resolute established that Greenpeace’s accusations were a crock, and threatened action, Greenpeace offered an almost unprecedented apology. Then it went back to peddling the same old lies. Resolute launched a $7 million suit for “defamation, malicious falsehood and intentional interference with economic relations.”

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