Gina Rinehart lashes media on eve of Roy Hill’s first ore shipment – by Julie-anne Sprague (Sydney Morning Herald – December 9, 2015)

Gina Rinehart, the richest Australian, is planning to see off Roy Hill’s first iron ore shipment in Port Hedland on Thursday, which she says is one month ahead of expectations, as she lashed the media for “relentless negativity” surrounding the $10 billion project.

In a statement, Mrs Rinehart lashed the media while also thanking its staff and partners for their hard work developing the Pilbara iron ore mine, in which her company, Hancock Prospecting, has a 70 per cent stake.

“Despite the many media critics and their relentless negativity, we have now loaded a ship of Roy Hill low phosphorous ore, the next step in the exciting story of the Roy Hill project,” Mrs Rinehart said in a statement to thank staff and the project’s partners.

Recent pictures taken of Mrs Rinehart on a site trip to Roy Hill, 1100 kilometres northeast of Perth, reveal she’s lost a lot of weight since construction began a few years ago.

It’s thought Mrs Rinehart has lost between 20 and 30 kilograms. The Herald Sun reported in October that Mrs Rinehart had been losing weight for about two years.

“Where are the media reports about the many companies who were pleased to get work from Roy Hill? Surely this is of far more importance to Australia than the media’s glee about so called time slippages,” Mrs Rinehart said.

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