NEWS RELEASE: Ionic Engineering – Talos Steel Joint-Venture Opens New Office in Santiago, Chile

(Greater Sudbury, June 8, 2015) Ionic Engineering and Talos Steel, both of Lively, in the heart of the Sudbury Mining Cluster, have joined forces to launch a new venture in South America. Based in Santiago, Chile, the new company, known as Ionic Tecnologias Spa will represent the interests of both companies.

Chile is a leader in copper production and is home to some of the largest mining projects in the world. Both Ionic Engineering and Talos Steel have been working in Chile for years. “A local presence will greatly improve our responsiveness to customers as well as allow us to maintain regular contact with some of our best clients” says Steve Matusch, President of the Ionic group of companies.

Talos Steel is a high-quality industrial fabricator specializing in mining projects. “Pairing our industrial know-how with Ionic’s automation experience really puts this new venture in a very unique competitive position” claims Frank Grossi, Vice President of Talos Steel. Grossi continues “Mining companies from Canada, and the Sudbury basin in particular, are very well respected abroad. We are building a strong brand around Ionic Tecnologias”.

Ionic Tecnologias has a mandate to provide fast, affordable and quality solutions for this growing sector. “There is no doubt that this venture will be successful,“ continues Matusch, “provided that we deliver a quality product for a competitive price, we believe that this market will be one of growth and prosperity”.


Ionic Engineering, based in Lively,Ontario, is an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in creating and building purpose-built equipment for a variety of industrial applications around the world. For more information visit their website at

At Talos Steel, our objective is to provide companies in heavy industrial settings with quality products that exceed their expectations. We are an elite machine works and fabrication plant, capable of manufacturing and servicing for numerous industries. Our team takes great pride in its performance record by acknowledging the responsibility of working within a safe working environment. Visit their website at

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