Buddies (Mining Themed Australian Movie – 1983)


(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers).

Sapphire-grubbing Mike (Colin Friels) gets the show underway by wildly fornicating with Stella (Kris McQuade).

Mike is buddies with partner grubber Johnny (Harold Hopkins) as they hunt for sapphires in central Queensland – in even more wretched tin shanties just across the way in this small community lives tall Ted (Bruce Spence) and bearded, aged Hans (Ralph Albring).

The buddies decide that they’ll peg some new land, but then the big boys, led by evil, smirking Andy (Dennis Miller), with guns and ‘dozer drawn, move in on their stake. ‘Word is they’re pegging everything that isn’t nailed down’, says Harold, and the ‘dozer shows Andy means business by flattening Mike’s car.

Luckily a beguiled city slicker, Doctor George Spencer (Norman Kaye), his wife Merl (Dinah Shearing), sweet daughter Jennifer (Lisa Peers) and boyfriend Peter (Andrew Sharp), a wet, drooby lecturer in economics, turn up and ask if they can park their caravan for a little while, so they can soak up the exotic air.

George is wildly excited by the ‘authentic’, dinkum dirt grubbing ways of the locals, though wife Merl isn’t quite so enthused. ‘Come on Merl, let’s go native’, says Peter and so they do, even if Stella isn’t that keen on the city slickers hanging around.

Mike tricks the innocent, enthusiastic doctor into driving them out to peg their new claim, and for a moment it works, with Andy apparently giving up and driving away.

But then the local cop (Rob Steele) turns up to explain to Mike that he didn’t lodge his claim, and now he has to vacate, so Mike sneaks around at night, fires up Andy’s ‘dozer, and makes off with truckloads of dirt from the diggings.

Natually the cop comes back, checks around and having done his duty, warns Mike not to try it on again.

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