Rockefeller vs. Canada: U.S. billionaires pour millions into anti-oilsands shell organizations – by Ezra Levant (Toronto Sun – March 25, 2013)

The front page of the Washington Post is generally reserved for news, but Monday it ran a headline more accurately called olds: “Within mainstream environmentalist groups, diversity is lacking.”

You don’t say. The Post gave the example of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s organization, called the Waterkeepers. Kennedy was born into America’s most aristocratic political family and all their millions. They’re the Massachusetts elite.

Is it surprising that out of 200 waterkeepers in his club across America, only one is black? Kennedy’s club is whiter than the wheat board. They’re almost as white as the Klan. That’s not news.

Environmental extremism is a rich man’s game — many minorities can’t afford the luxury of hybrid cars or solar panels. Paying carbon taxes might not be a problem for multimillionaires like Al Gore, but they push ordinary people into energy poverty.

Which is why no Third World countries have ever signed on to binding carbon emissions reductions in United Nations treaties like the Kyoto Protocol.

It’s tantamount to racism to ask China or India not to industrialize using coal-fired power plants, after Europe and America did precisely the same thing.

The Post also quoted Tom Goldtooth from the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), based in Minnesota.

He said his Aboriginal activists were pretty much only called upon by white billionaires “when they need something.”

See, the real money in Canadian environmentalism — the most radical money — isn’t Canadian.

It’s from U.S. billionaires and their foundations. So they need to camouflage it.

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