Spirit of Schumacher still lingers – by Benjamin Aubé (Timmins Daily Press March 2, 2013)

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TIMMINS – The landscape of Schumacher may have changed over the years, but the community’s vibrant spirit and heritage is being kept alive and well.

Like those of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Dr. TJ Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby, legendary philanthropist Frederick Schumacher’s eyes still watch over the town that bears his name.

A party honouring 101 years of the community’s existence and heritage was held at the McIntyre Arena, the building where Schumacher’s portrait is mounted on the exterior. Friday, Mar. 1 was Mr. Schumacher Day, and the Schumacher Arts, Culture and Heritage Association (SACHA) celebrated in style.

“It’s a committee that’s been together for a year now,” said Rob Knox, a member of the SACHA committee. “Our focus has been the preservation of Schumacher arts, culture and architecture, and celebrating the citizenry of Schumacher and the diverse and wonderful history of this small mining community.

“We’ve undertaken a few various community events in an efforts to elevate the notion of Schumacher as a community and its history and its overall contribution to the city of Timmins and the Porcupine Mining Camp.”

Many of the area’s most famous residents, such as Hall of Fame NHLer and Canadian senator, Frank Mahovlich, have come out of Schumacher.

In addition to an evening of drinks and socialization, SACHA committee member Rob Knox made a special announcement regarding a key figure in keeping the community’s history alive.

Louise Nightingale Smith has written two books related to Schumacher’s history. Her first book, Frederick W. Schumacher, Portrait of a Renaissance Man, took her all the way to Columbius, Ohio (where Mr. Schumacher lived) for her in-depth research.

Her second book, Schumacher: Voices in the Goldfields, is “filled with stories and people who lived in the community who may have left here, but it’s the stories that keeps people coming back for the reunions.”

Nightingale Smith was presented with the first ever Spirit of Schumacher award. Along with SACHA committee members, Schumacher resident Coun. Noella Rinaldo was on hand for the unveiling of the award, a beautifully sculpted plaque designed by local artist and potter, Mira Buchar.

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