Bid to stabilize Canada [Foreign funds against oilsands] – by Ezra Levant (Sudbury Star – December 19, 2011)

The Sudbury Star is the City of Greater Sudbury’s daily newspaper.

Who should decide whether Canada develops our oilsands: Canadian citizens, or foreign billionaires and their local hired-gun lobbyists?

It sounds like an absurd question, but it’s very real. In his explosive investigative report today, Sun Media’s Daniel Proussalidis shows that hundreds of millions of foreign dollars, pounds and francs have poured into Canada in recent years from billionaire interests in other countries dead-set against Canada developing our oilsands.

I know from personal experience that Saudi money has gone into smearing the oilsands, too. When my non-profit NGO called ethicaloil.orgran a TV ad comparing the treatment of women in Canada to Saudi Arabia, that foreign dictatorship hired Norton Rose, one of the biggest law firms in the world, to threaten lawsuits against any Canadian TV station that dared to criticize their conflict oil.

It’s not just our enemies like Saudi Arabia. Even our friends, like the United Kingdom, have meddled in our business. Far-left-wing groups like the Pembina Institute have been caught soliciting funds from foreign embassies — including the U.K. High Commission — to pay for their anti-oilsands propaganda.

It’s not just foreign governments. It’s high-priced foundations, too. These are the tools of billionaire jet-setters who think Canada is their plaything — and that they can pull political strings from New York or London or Riyadh, and destroy our key industry.

As Proussalidis shows, foreign multinational corporations like Greenpeace — the $350-million-a- year extremist group that favours criminal conduct, like breaking into oilsands refineries — have spent enormous sums to undermine Canadian jobs.

Billionaire Alan Parker’s trust fund gave Greenpeace Canada $860,000 “to create financial and political uncertainty.” Seriously, that was the purpose of their grant, to weaken our country’s stability.

That’s a hostile act by a foreign entity. Stop and think about that for a moment. Foreign billionaires aren’t even pretending that their money is to make Canada cleaner or greener. They’re very candid: They want to disrupt us financially and politically.

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