We’ll listen to North, NDP leader promises – by Laura Stricker (Sudbury Star – October 5, 2011)

The Sudbury Star is the City of Greater Sudbury’s daily newspaper.

“I started (my campaign) in the North and I’m finishing it in the North.”

NDP leader Andrea Horwath greeted supporters with these words Tuesday, as she returned to Sudbury to drum up more support for NDP Northern Ontario candidates.

Horwath, along with Sudbury candidate Paul Loewenberg, Nickel Belt candidate France Gelinas, Sault Ste. Marie candidate Celia Ross, Timiskaming- Cochrane candidate John Vanthof, Nipissing candidate Henri Giroux and Algoma-Manitoulin candidate Michael Mantha, gathered at Loewenberg’s campaign office.

Throughout her speech, she stressed that the NDP will respect people living in the North. “For me, respect isn’t just about nice words. It’s listening and it’s action. People across the North have been telling me they’re fed up with being taken for granted and having no voice.

“You have a choice on Oct. 6,” she A choice between a government that respects the North, or one that’s ready to write it off. A government that puts northerners first, or one that ships away your resources and your jobs along with it. A government that listens to northern voices, or one that tells northerners what was decided in Toronto.”

Horwath’s visit to Sudbury came on the same day that Nickel Belt Liberal candidate Tony Ryma wrote her an open letter, criticizing what the NDP has done for Nickel Belt.

In the letter, he asked why the NDP voted against hiring more nurses in the Nickel Belt, improving funding in schools and tried to prevent increases to the minimum wage. He also questioned what he says are Gelinas’ limited office hours.

“How you can support a candidate whose office is open to the public only 22 hours a week, and yet she received over $280,000 dollars of taxpayer money to run that office?” he wrote.

“I have had constituents approaching me in the street asking for help. I have also had many more tell me stories of not being able to get calls returned. And I have community leaders saying that, when they need assistance, France isn’t there.”

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