Industrial Parks in Greater Sudbury – What is Happening? – Dick DeSefano (October 3, 2010)

Dick DeStefano is the Executive Director of Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association (SAMSSA).

Summary: SAMSSA looks at the supply of industrial land in the face of complaqints that the City is not “Business Friendly.” Information suppled by the Greater Sudbury Development Corproation suggests the city is not supporting industrial development well.

Since its inception in 2003, SAMSSA has advocated for upgrading infrastructure and services in present and future industrial parks for its members. Recently, a number of complaints were forwarded to the SAMSSA office after an article in the Sudbury Star highlighted one company’s complaint about having to pay for what it believes are fundamental services (sewer, water and paved roads) covered by their signifance commercial taxes.

This article and subsequent SAMSSA News Updates to members triggered a number of requests for our office to investigate what was happening especially in the potential for upgraded roads, water and sewer on both Fielding Road and Elisabella Street.

The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) were very helpful and provided an ongoing study that is looking into these issues.

It is not uncommon in election year to hear that a another study will look at this problem. However, past experience has proven that once a new Council is elected, this study will lose out to other projects because of costs or lack of commitment. There are more votes won by paving high traffic roads than supporting the millions of dollars needed in an industrial park upgrade.

This is very shortsighted and actually unfair based on the total taxes emanting from industrial companies in Sudbury.

The GSDC Study includes a number of industrial growth areas across the City and covers the main issues that need to be resolved. Hemson Consulting Ltd is looking at development costs in order that the City’s development charges accurately reflect the servicing needs while fully recovering the increasing related costs. The project scope is divided into 5 parts to better project management and cost evaluation. The sites included in the project:

Fielding Road Area.

There are currently 190 acres of vacant industrial land zoned M3. The majority of land does not have access to municipal services and the road is in terrible shape.

Lasalle Boulevard/Elisabella Street.

On Elisabella Street and eastward there are over 450 acres of land zoned M3 of which 250 acres are vacant. Water and sanitary sewer exist along Elisabella street south to the end of Lapointe Street. However, the water supply east of Falconbridge Road does not have adequate fire flows and is therefore limiting any new or expanded development. The road into this park is very inadequate.

National Street/Maley Drive/Falconbridge.

This area contains multiple industrial zonings including M1, M2, M3 and M5 totaling over 800 acres. There are approximately 90 acres of M1 lands, 10 acres of M2 and 108 acres of M3. Water and sewer is available in parts only. Valley

East Industrial Park.

All of the land is zoned M1. There is no land available for development. The entire Valley East Industrial Park is fully serviced and was originally designed for industrial flows. Roads are in good shape.

Coniston Industrial Area.

The entire area has over 1000 acres in size and generally zoned light industrial. Approximately 600 acres of the M3 lands are vacant. Water and sewer lines service the M1 and M6 areas that front on Government Road. Most of the M3 area has no services.

Radisson Industrial Park in Chelmsford.

This land is located Northeast of Municipal Road 35 Highway 144 There are over 128 acres of industrial land but there is less than 100 acres vacant of which approximately 10 acres are M1 and 89 acres are M2. Water and Sewer was installed and roads are in good shape.

The GSCD Study will concentrate on wastewater water flows to confirm peak sanitary flows existing within all areas above.

Fire regulations are causing concerns and the need for water distribution is being studied. It is being suggested that stakeholders be involved and public meetings be implemented once results are completed.

I would strongly urge you make your concerns heard especially during this municipal election particularly those businesses in the Fielding Road and Elisabella area. Ask each candidate what their position is and what you can expect from the results of this Study or contact your present Councillor and candidates for the Mayor’s position. SAMSSA will continue to monitor the Study as it moves forward. Our companies need to have access to reasonable services without higher unfair development charges.

For further Information contact Dick DeStefano Executive Director SAMSSA