Republic of Among 25 Top Mining Engineering Blogs

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This website recently produced a list of the top 25 mining engineering blogs that included Republic of

Top 25 Mining Engineering Blogs

Mineral mining engineers locate, extract, and prepare minerals for use by manufacturing industries and utilities. They design open pit and underground mines, supervise underground operations in the construction of mine shafts and tunnels, and create procedures to transport minerals to processing plants. Mining engineers are employed across industries including professional, scientific, and technical. Today, the challenges of mining are greater than ever before. New high-tech methods are being designed to make tomorrow’s mines more productive, safer, and economically successful. Mining engineers are seeking ways to extract essential raw materials without causing undue disturbance to the environment, as well as to prevent pollution and reclaim land mined in the past.

To help you stay informed about this diverse and fast-moving industry we’ve combed through hundreds of blogs to collect what we consider to be the twenty five best blogs devoted to mining, the industry, and the next generation of mining engineers. Enjoy!

Mining News & Developments

Stay informed of current news & developments happening in the mining community.

1. everythingmining – A detailed blog for the mining industry. Some of the various topics covered world wide are exploration, projects, education, technology, research, news and environment.

2. World Mining Exploration News – This blog will give you comprehensive information and news about the mining industry, technology, exploration, and mining tools. There is also inside looks into some of the mining companies.

3. Abandoned Mine Posts – Provides articles and notices about abandoned mine drainage and abandoned mine reclamation. Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by reclaiming abandoned mine lands.

4. Mining Equipment & Suppliers Blog – Get the latest news on mining equipment and suppliers on this blog. There is also plenty of advice and research done on the tools and companies that miners use.

5. Mining Weekly – South Africa’s number one source of weekly news on mining developments. Mining Weekly gives detailed coverage of mining projects and personalities reshaping engineering and the mining industry.

6. Mining News – Get info here about mining and all the latest industry news. Posts are updated frequently on the headlines that are heavily discussed in the mining profession.

7. Mining And Oil Exploration – Read aboutoil and gas exploration, mining exploration, and mining equipment. There is also information on safety and landslides that can be fatal in the mining industry.

8. International Mining – A global technical blog written by other miners for mining professionals. Offers you the latest news in mining technology and other related subjects.

Industry Jobs & Insights

These blogs highlight the opinions, professions, and thoughts of some of the major leaders in the mining world today.

9. Mineral Policy Institute’s Eye on Mining – The Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) is an Australian, non-profit organization that specializes in research, capacity building, and advocacy to prevent environmentally and socially destructive mining and mineral energy projects. Their principles are social justice, human rights and ecologically sustainable development.

10. Republic of Mining – Aims to build awareness among the media, public and politicians about economic and social benefits of sustainable mining practices. Posts are written on these benefits that include poverty reduction, employment and wealth creation for governments and shareholders.

11. MEI Blog – Written by Dr. Barry Wills of MEI, a family run mining business. This blog provides information to the mineral processing community. A central source of information for minerals engineers around the world.

12. Mining Information – Filled with all kinds of information related to mining. There are articles on the mechanics of mining, tools and machinery used, and ancient development.

13. Oil Gas & Mining Jobs Vacancy – Jobs in the mining and oil field are posted several times throughout the day. Most of the openings posted are mining related.

14. Bulk Blog – Bulk Blog is dedicated to the global powder and bulk solids handling and processing community. It is of great use to researchers, managers, engineers, operators and economists in the fields of mining , power generation and chemical engineering.

15. Lowongan Migas – Oil And Gas Jobs – Lowongan Migas blog that posts all of their mining , oil, and gas vacancies. They are one of the leading companies in the mining industries.

16. Earthstone Corporate Blog – This blog is brought to you by Earthstone, a diversified multinational group. Their company takes a responsible approach to finding, mining and processing minerals in a safe, responsibl, and sustainable way.

17. Mining Exploration in Africa – A professional investment and mining science focused forum for mining experts and financiers. Serves as a place for commentary on mine exploration, engineering and mining investments in order to discover Africa’s natural mineral resources.

18. CA Global Africa Mining Job Blog – This is CA Engineering’s technical engineering and mining recruitment blog. They primarily provide work in the continent of Africa and have numerous engineering positions.

19. The Mining Blog Based out of Australia, this blog is all about industry talk. Hear the latest news and discussions about the Australian mining community.

Engineer’s Point of View

Get a feel of what it’s like to be a mining engineer. Read about the extreme gratification as well as the obstacles they face.

20. Mining Engineers Weblog – A mining blog from India written by engineers. Learn about mining technology and designs.

21. I Think Mining – Jack Caldwell, a mining engineer, shares his views about industry news. He also scans the web and points you to the latest and best technical documentation. He has been in the mining field for over 20 years.

22. The Mining Blog – Open discussion amongst miners about everything concerning mining. Anyone interested in mining will find the answers they are looking for.

23. Unrealized Mineral Deposit – This mining engineer offers an unconventional picture of the life, work, and opinions of the next generation of mining engineers. His posts are filled with funny and feisty anecdotes.

24. Mine Planning & Mine Design – Learn about mine design and planning from this engineer living in his home town in India. His blog is geared toward engineering students.

25. All One River GIS – Michelle Murraygives a voice to drillers and engineers in the mining industry. Read her emotional stories of her mining experiences over the years.

Since mining is essential to modern society, and since mining is dependent on technology, mining engineers are in great demand and will continue to be so in the future. Their careers can entail opportunities such as planning and designing new mines, managing mineral extraction and processing operations, providing technical assistance to governmental agencies, practicing mineral law, researching new mining and mineral processing technologies, and even education. We hope that this list has given you a look into this valuable profession.