British Columbia’s Bob Quartermain is this year’s Murray Pezim Award Winner – by Marilyn Scales

Marilyn Scales is a field editor for the Canadian Mining Journal, Canada’s first mining publication. She is one of Canada’s most senior mining commentators.

If Murray Pezim were around today, the larger-than-life character would approve of giving the award that bears his name to Bob Quartermain, president of Vancouver’s Silver Standard Resources. The two men met amidst the diamond drill rigs at the famous Hemlo gold find in the early 1980s. Pezim was overseeing the work of his company, International Corona Resources, and Quartermain was there on behalf of Teck. Interesting that the two companies later became partners in developing and operating the David Bell gold mine.

Quartermain is this year’s winner of the Murray Pezim Award, presented by the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia. It is given to an individual for “perseverance and success in financing mineral exploration.” With over 20 years at the helm of Silver Standard, Quartermain qualifies by the “perseverance” criteria.

As for financing, Quartermain excels at that, too.

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