U.S. Nuclear Fears as Iran Targets African Uranium – by Hugh Cameron (Newsweek Magazine – July 2, 2024)


Iran is trying to source uranium from West Africa, signaling a further expansion of the nuclear program that has long rattled states in the West.

Despite continued scrutiny and multiple efforts at curtailment, Iran still hosts one of the most advanced nuclear programs in the world, and reports have emerged that the country’s weapons program is gaining steam. One expert told Newsweek that, while the country has not definitively begun weaponizing its nuclear capabilities, continued attempts to boost its enriched stockpile should raise concern.

Dr. Olayinka Ajala, a West African geopolitical analyst and professor at Leeds Beckett University, revealed that Iran may be attempting to take advantage of political turmoil in Niger to increase its supply of uranium.

In an interview with National Security News, Ajala said: “There have been rumors that Iran is actively seeking mining licenses in Niger to enrich their nuclear facilities in Iran.”

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