Blood nickel: What electric-vehicle hunger has wrought, and how Canada can help – by Mark Selby (Globe and Mail – July 4, 2024)

Mark Selby is the founder and CEO of Canada Nickel Co.

Blood diamonds, blood cobalt, and now blood nickel. Governments leading the global shift toward electric vehicles promise cleaner cities and a new era of sustainable energy and improved resource usage.

But just as governments promote EVs on environmental grounds, manufacturers are forced to source nickel from a region enabling the wanton destruction of ecologically sensitive lands, reckless treatment of workers, and the fundamental deterioration of living conditions. There is only one solution to this problem: the world needs more Canadian nickel.

Chinese and Indonesian companies mining and processing nickel on the east coast of Sulawesi and the surrounding Indonesian islands are responsible for a long series of tragic and fatal work accidents.
Buried under slag, crushed by heavy equipment, and killed in falls, workers in Indonesian nickel mines and processing plants face conditions that thankfully have been largely eliminated from Western workplaces. And the communities that surround them suffer daily from heavy pollution.

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