Up to 4,000 Rwandan troops have entered combat in eastern Congo, UN report says – by Geoffrey York (Globe and Mail – June 25, 2024)


As many as 4,000 Rwandan troops with high-tech weaponry have secretly crossed the border into eastern Congo to fight battles that have fuelled a vast humanitarian catastrophe across the region, a new United Nations report says.

The fighting, causing heavy casualties with indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas, has forced at least a million people to flee their homes in the past nine months, many of them now surviving in one of the more than 100 overcrowded camps for displaced people around the besieged city of Goma, near the border with Rwanda, the report says.

By sending troops and weapons into the Democratic Republic of Congo to support the M23 rebel militia in fighting against Congo’s military, the Rwandan government has violated Congo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, while also breaching a UN arms embargo, the report says.

The 296-page report by the UN-appointed group of experts, submitted to the UN Security Council this month, has not yet been officially published, but The Globe and Mail has seen a copy.

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