More than minerals: Why mid-stream capacity is key to Canada’s industrial future – by Ian M. London(Northern Miner – June 19, 2024)

Ian M. London is executive director of the Canadian Critical Minerals & Materials Alliance (

Canada boasts of its rich history and continued success in mining, metallurgical and chemical processing, advanced manufacturing, strong trade relations north-south and east-west, access to clean energy and its commitment to sustainability.

While these strengths lay the foundation for Canada to succeed in a rapidly changing economy driven by the global energy transition, they’re not enough. The looming challenge is how can industry, governments, communities and investors lever and translate these capabilities and aspirations to fulfill Canada’s promise?

The energy transition depends on advancing technologies, many of which require critical material supply chains that have the confidence of consumers, investors, and society. Emerging technologies are enabled by hardware and infrastructure, with end users purchasing cost competitive and sustainably produced assemblies, components, metals, alloys, powders and chemicals.

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