Furious debate breaks out over lab-grown diamonds – by Jane Herz (Daily Mail/MSN.com – June 13, 2024)


A wild debate has broken out about whether or not lab-grown diamonds are the real deal – with some claiming that they ‘hold no value’ and are not acceptable for an engagement ring. Lab-grown diamonds have long been mired in controversy, and are a huge topic of debate for many brides-to-be.

Like their name, lab-grown diamonds are in fact diamonds that are made in a lab instead of being mined underground. According to Brides, the lab-grown stones are produced in an environment that is extremely similar to the Earth’s surface, meaning that they have the same chemical and molecular makeup.

And, not only are their chemical properties the same, but a lab-grown diamond has a physical and optical makeup that are identical to a regular diamond, the outlet noted. Some have pointed out that lab-grown diamonds require a large amount of energy to make, per ABC News, but many believe they are the more ethical answer to diamond mining.

The gems also come at a lower price point, which means that you could shave thousands of dollars off of a potential diamond purchase, and have been adopted by mainstream brands like Pandora and Kay Jewelers.

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