Deadly and Wildly Profitable, Uranium Fever Breaks Out – by Geoffrey Morgan and Jacob Lorinc (Bloomberg News – June 12, 2024)

The radioactive metal’s price is up 233%, revealing the speed at which the world is embracing nuclear power once again.

Along the western edge of Canada’s Saskatchewan province, by a bend in a lake ringed by endless stands of black spruce, a small outpost has been carved out of the forest to mark what just might be the hottest new mining project on Earth today. It is a desolate, unforgiving spot.

Even in April, the snow is still caked hard to the ice that coats the lake. Bone-chilling winds howl day and night. And there are no towns or villages or, for that matter, signs of life at all — beyond the occasional black bear or wolf — within a 50-mile radius.

What Saskatchewan has, though, is uranium. Lots of uranium. The bedrock is so loaded with it that the area around just one stretch of the lake, it is believed, could generate enough nuclear energy to power more than 40 million homes for a quarter century.

In one corner of the camp, deposit samples — small, black, radioactive bars — are all neatly laid out, row after row, in racks. Adam Engdahl throws on protective gloves, picks up one of the samples and beams. “This is my favorite.” Engdahl, a geologist with a startup mining outfit called NexGen Energy Ltd., proudly passes it around. It’s surprisingly heavy, like a dumbbell — a tell-tale sign, Engdahl says, of a bar that’s densely packed with uranium minerals.

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