Opinion: The U.S. has a 3D problem with Canada — Dairy, defence and digital tax – by Goldy Hyder (Financial Post – June 12, 2024)


The Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement is up for review in 2026. We need progress on three irritants that unite American politicians

Back in 2022, I wrote on this page that American political leaders from across party lines were increasingly viewing Canada through “3D” glasses. Their perception of Canada was being coloured and distorted by three cross-border disagreements: dairy quota allocation, digital taxes and defence spending. The analogy was intended as a warning.

These same 3D irritants have taken on added urgency in what has become an extremely contentious 2024 U.S. election cycle. At a time when American political divisions are widening, groups of Republicans and Democrats are joining together to voice shared frustration with Canada’s refusal in these areas to align itself with its most important ally.

With a mandatory review of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) happening in 2026, we cannot allow these frustrations to fester for another two years. To ensure that CUSMA is not subject to costly and cumbersome renegotiations, the federal government should take immediate steps to address or assuage U.S. concerns about these 3D issues.

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