OPINION: Make no mistake, there’s an economic war happening, and the West is losing – by George Salamis and Mike St-Pierre (Globe and Mail – May 23, 2024)


George Salamis, Lieutenant-Colonel (Hon) of the Royal Westminster Regiment, is executive chair of Integra Resources, a Canadian-based mining company that develops gold and silver mines in Canada and the U.S. Mike St-Pierre is a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy.

A global race is under way to secure critical minerals essential to power the next generation of civilian and military technology and to electrify the future. Control of global supply chains has become the new strategic centre of gravity, where access to minerals and metals are strategic weapons. The West is losing the resource war that targets our core social and political values. At stake is the national security of the West.

Over the past four years we have witnessed rampant vulnerabilities in global supply chains, made worse by our reliance on foreign sources – particularly raw materials and critical minerals mined and processed by Russia, China and their proxies. Their grand strategy succeeds by the wholesale capture of not only upstream mining, but downstream refining; Western supply chains are outmatched by our autocratic rivals.

In this war Canada is uniquely capable of turning the tide, but we are not even competing. Our country is awash in bureaucracy and red tape, and content in a state of apathetic stagnation. Canada must compete to win with our greatest weapon: our natural resources.

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