Feds lean on B.C. to produce more critical minerals – by David Carrigg (Vancouver Sun – May 22, 2024)


B.C. has large tapped and untapped reserves of minerals deemed critical to Canada’s economic future

B.C. is playing a crucial role in the federal government’s plan to ensure Canada produces 31 minerals deemed critical to the economic future. During a Conversations Live project hosted by Stuart McNish on Wednesday night, an expert panel outlined how these important minerals are part of a larger geopolitical movement and that B.C. has huge prospects for growth and job creation in mining.

As an example, Michael Goehring, President and CEO of the Mining Association of B.C., said that B.C. produces 80 per cent of Canada’s copper and that mineral is turned into the “electrification metal.”

“We have a generational opportunity,” Goehring said. The 31 mineral list created by the federal government last year includes copper, zinc, molybdenum and aluminium — which are already produced in B.C. But it also includes nickel, graphite, cobalt, niobium, tantalum and vanadium — all of which are present in B.C.’s ground, with projects currently under development.

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