B.C. mining is having a moment, thanks to energy transition – Nelson Bennett (Business In Vancouver – May 9, 2024)


Value of 17 critical mineral mine proposals in B.C. are ‘eye popping’ says mining association president
Mining has never been viewed as exactly environmentally friendly. Mines and miners have often been the target of NGOs for the impacts mining can have on water, land and Indigenous communities.

But because mining plays such an important role in the energy transition needed to address climate change, there is increasing support for mining by governments, First Nations and the general public. The need for critical minerals to supply the energy transition poses a huge opportunity for B.C., said Michael Goehring, president of the Mining Association of BC (MABC).

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated a sixfold increase in demand for critical minerals will be needed by 2040, largely to supply the energy transition. Of the 31 minerals on the federal government’s critical minerals list, 16 are found in B.C.

Copper is the most abundant critical mineral mined in B.C., but there are also proposals here for new nickel mines, and even a rare earth mine.

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