Platinum set for biggest deficit in a decade in 2024, says Johnson Matthey – by Brijesh Patel (Reuters – May 8, 2024)

The platinum market faces its largest supply shortfall in 10 years in 2024 as shipments from Russia return to normal from last year’s highs and industrial demand stays firm, Johnson Matthey said in a report on Thursday. The autocatalyst maker added that it expected all platinum group metals (PGM) – platinum, palladium, and rhodium – to remain in deficit in 2024.

The three metals are used in autocatalysts that reduce emissions from vehicle engines, with platinum also used in other industry and for jewellery and investment.

Johnson Matthey (JM) said it expected the platinum market’s deficit to increase to 598,000 ounces this year from a shortfall of 518,000 ounces in 2023.

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