Liberals hold up $34B Trans Mountain boondoggle as example of socialist success – by Jesse Kline (National Post – May 3, 2024)

If this pipeline is so great for the economy, wouldn’t having more pipelines be even better?

After more than a decade of jurisdictional squabbling, political grandstanding, activist obstructionism, legal wrangling and bureaucratic delays, the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion gained final approval earlier this week and began shipping oil on Wednesday.

Despite coming in years behind schedule and nearly $27 billion over budget, the pipeline is being hailed by some Liberals as a triumph of Big Government, with the “golden” or “final” weld on April 11 drawing parallels to the Last Spike driven into John A. Macdonald’s Canadian Pacific Railway on Nov. 7, 1885.

“There are those who claim that the only good thing government can do when it comes to economic growth is to get out of the way,” Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said in her budget speech in the House of Commons on April 16. The line was intended to bait the Conservatives, and it worked perfectly, drawing a boisterous applause from the Opposition benches.

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