Will Changes to Canada’s Capital Gains Tax Hurt Mining Investment and Innovation? – by Georgia Williams (Investing News – April 26, 2024)


On April 16, the Canadian government tabled its 2024 budget proposal. Called “Fairness for Every Generation,” it is aimed at helping Millennials and Gen Zs, with C$535 billion earmarked by the Trudeau government for investments in housing, clean economy initiatives, childcare, healthcare and national security. But one section of the document has garnered widespread attention — changes to the capital gains tax scheme.

Starting on June 25, 2024, changes to Canada’s tax system will aim to “enhance fairness” by adjusting the inclusion rate for capital gains. Individuals with over C$250,000 in annual capital gains will see their inclusion rate increase from one-half to two-thirds, while those with gains below this threshold will maintain the 50 percent inclusion rate.

Corporations and trusts will face a two-thirds inclusion rate for all capital gains. These adjustments seek to create a more equitable taxation framework across different income brackets and entities.

“Tax fairness is important for every generation, and it is particularly significant for younger Canadians,” budget documentation explains. “In 2021, only about 5 percent of Canadians under 30 had any capital gains at all. Only 0.01 percent of Canadians under 30 are expected to have capital gains above the $250,000 annual threshold in 2025.”

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