Bombardier also granted exemption from Canadian sanctions on Russian titanium – by Steven Chase and Robert Fife (Globe and Mail – April 26, 2024)

Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Inc. says it too has been granted an exemption from Canadian sanctions targeting Russian titanium that could interfere with its business in Canada.

Based in Montreal, Bombardier is the second aerospace company to be identified as having obtained a waiver from Canadian sanctions targeting Russian titanium maker VSMPO-AVISMA Corp., one of the world’s largest producers of the rare metal. Airbus was the first.

Bombardier chief executive officer Eric Martel told media Thursday that his company received an exemption from the sanctions because some of the aerospace company’s suppliers buy the metal. A strategic metal prized for its strength relative to its weight, titanium is used mainly in aircraft engines and landing gear for large planes.

One day earlier, news broke that Europe’s Airbus, which has aircraft manufacturing and sales facilities in Canada, had received an exemption from Ottawa’s sanctions on VSMPO-AVISMA.

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