LNG exports offer a wealth-creating way to reduce global emissions – by Gwyn Morgan (Financial Post – April 25, 2024)


Stepping up liquefied natural gas exports would help Asia lower emissions by getting off coal and boost Canada’s economy at the same time

Pierre Poilievre‘s Axe the (carbon) Tax campaign is a spectacular success. But the Conservative party needs its own plan to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Paradoxically, it’s a fossil fuel that provides the answer. Canada’s rich endowment of natural gas offers us the chance to both reduce global emissions and also rescue a Canadian economy ravaged by the Liberal government.

How? By exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China, Japan, South Korea and the other coal-dependent Asia Pacific countries. Switching from coal to natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 50 per cent while also eliminating the toxic compounds and lung-clogging particulates that shorten the lives of millions living in smog-stricken Asian cities.

A November 2022 study by respected consulting firm Wood Mackenzie concluded that:

– “Canada is well-positioned geographically: Western Canadian LNG is much closer to Asia relative to U.S. Gulf Coast LNG, which needs to be shipped to Asia through the Panama Canal to get to Asia.”

-“LNG from Canada would be cost-competitive for northeast Asian importers … due to its relatively low shipping and liquefaction costs.”

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