Our celebrity PM is getting attention for all the wrong reasons – by Diane Francis (Financial Post – April 23, 2024)


Electing high-profile, but incompetent, candidates such as Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump reduced the status of their respective countries on the world stage

In 2015 and 2016, Canadians and Americans both elected an incompetent celebrity who lacked the credentials to govern. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former U.S. president Donald Trump both reduced the status of their respective countries on the world stage.

But Trudeau has also damaged Canada’s economy, housing market and health-care system, while increasing taxes and racking up huge amounts of debt, earning him derision from experts and pundits on both sides of the border.

“Canada is also one of the few advanced countries that has not recovered its pre-pandemic level of per capita GDP. Longer-term, the OECD projects that Canada will rank dead last amongst OECD members in real GDP per capita growth out until 2060.

This underscores that without fundamental changes to our approach to productivity and growth, Canada’s standard-of-living challenges will persist well into the future,” wrote Toronto-Dominion Bank economist Marc Ercolao last summer.

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