Lab Grown Diamonds: The Choice for an Ethical Future – by Megan Taylor (Viva Glam Magazine – April 15, 2024)

While lab grown gems have been around since the 1970s, they weren’t popularized in the diamond industry until the early 21st century. People are becoming more conscious of the ethics behind how traditional diamonds are mined. As a result, lab grown diamonds attract enthusiasts because they present an ethical option that aligns with contemporary consumer values.

Learn about the issues with the natural diamond mining industry and how choosing lab made gems is a more ethical choice for your next piece of jewelry.


Traditional methods of diamond production have a troubled history marred by ethical controversies and human rights violations. The extraction of natural diamonds from conflict-ridden regions, particularly in parts of Africa, has been linked to violence, exploitation and the abuse of innocent lives.

The term “blood diamonds” has become a chilling reminder of the atrocities associated with this industry. Rebel groups and militias have used the trade of these precious gemstones to fund their violent campaigns, leading to the displacement of communities and the loss of countless lives.

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