Ideology masking as leadership killed the Canadian dream – by Gen. Rick Hillier (National Post – April 10, 2024)

Enough of the gaslighting, evading, blaming and deluding. Canada needs to be made ours again

“This is not Canada,” is a phrase we hear far too often. It seems to come from every politician, from all levels. It’s exclaimed after every illegal demonstration, hate crime, blocked street, gang shooting, home invasion, car theft and emergency room horror story.

Those exclamations ring hollow as food bank lines stretch longer and as hopeless thousand-yard stares of good men and women grow more prevalent. While dreams of home ownership fade, shantytowns grow and our confidence in the future plummets. We hear the official inflation rate, but it bears little resemblance to our real-life experience. “This is not Canada” grates, harshly, especially when it comes from those who seem so out of touch with reality.

The Canadian dream, so wonderfully launched in 1867 with the partnership that was the Dominion of Canada, is dead. Killed by ideology masking as leadership. Slaughtered by economic suicide posing as climate control. Bled by crushing taxes wasted on scandalous and foolish endeavours.

Crushed by debt that compromises long-term fiscal viability. Wounded by battles over responsible care for children. Frightened by our abandonment of some 300,000 Canadians, attacked not because they’re bombing Gaza, but because they’re Jews.

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