Why Taking Over Africa Is a Key Part of Beijing’s Silent War Against America (The Epoch Times – April 7, 2024)


China’s influence over the lives of Africa’s 1.5 billion people is now so broad it includes food production, resource mining, and military leadership schools.

JOHANNESBURG—China’s influence in and over the lives of Africa’s 1.5 billion people is now so broad that it extends into almost all aspects of African societies.

The communist regime’s footprint is stamped across the continent in almost all economic sectors, including agriculture, natural resources, and trade and logistics. Chinese companies are deeply invested in manufacturing, services, and real estate.

China now controls about 12 percent of Africa’s industrial output, about $500 billion annually, according to research by the Policy Center for the New South. Chinese companies have captured almost 50 percent of Africa’s contracted construction market.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began cementing ties with Africa in the 1950s, by supplying the continent’s liberation movements with arms, money, and military and “political education.” It has used this history as a basis from which to launch itself into the economies of modern-day Africa. Many of today’s African leaders either trained in China, or their fathers did so.

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