OPINION:The strengthening case for nuclear – by Marcus Gee (Globe and Mail – February 10, 2024)


Last week, the Ontario government announced plans to spend many years and billions of dollars refurbishing an old nuclear plant in Pickering, just east of Toronto. Pure folly, said its critics. In fact, the decision makes good, solid sense, both for Ontario and the planet.

Winning the battle to control global warming depends in large part on powering more things with electricity – specifically electricity that isn’t produced by burning fossil fuels. Making that energy shift is a huge task, but Ontario has two big advantages.

The first is access to hydroelectric power. Turbines using the power of cascading water at Niagara Falls have been producing clean energy for well over a century.

The second is nuclear power. Using Canada’s Candu technology, Pickering started running in the 1970s, which makes it the oldest nuclear plant in the country. Today it produces about the same amount of power as the generating stations in Niagara.

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